A Warm Hello By Installation Chaudiere 91

Every home needs a water boiler or combination boiler to have the perfect plumbing. When winters call for hot water at the twist of a faucet, it is boilers that come in handy. When homes have to be kept toasty warm in freezing conditions, it is heaters that save the day. At Installation Chaudiere 91, we are here to help you with both these requirements.

We are a group of talented, trained and skilled professionals that can install any model and brand boiler and heater. Our motto is to give our patrons the best possible service with complete transparency. When it comes to the headache of installing a heater or a boiler this winter, we urge you to give us a ring. We will be there on time to take care of every pesky issue that may arise. Say a warm hello to winter, with us.


Water Boilers

Water boilers are considered the more efficient method when compared to hot water tanks because they work instantaneously and do not need a container to store the water. A water boiler is used for commercial purposes. It is found in apartments, hotels, schools, hospitals and even swimming pools. At Installation Chaudiere 91, we are capable of installing a water boiler at all locations. When we install a water boiler for you, we give you these advantages:
• More efficiency if you have a high amount of hot water usage
• Increase in living space
• More economical operation


Combination Boilers

A Water boiler that is used not only to meet the hot water demands of a home but also to create a central heating system for the house is called a combination boiler. The boiler can force heated water through the home using pipes which in turn give off heat. It is a mixture of a water boiler and a central heating system. The benefit of installing a combi-tank in your home is that you will not need a furnace anymore. Furthermore, when Installation Chaudiere 91 put in a combi tank in your house, there is no need for a humidifier.


From installing a water boiler to putting in the best combination tank, the engineers, technicians, and plumbers at Installation Chaudiere 91 can do it all. We even take care of all your heater problems. Call us for all services related to Boilers and Heaters.

Heater Problems

When it comes to water heaters and boilers, there are some issues that all homeowners face. It is the side-effect of using any technology, gadget or machine. While some of the usual problems can be solved at home, we advise you to give us a call to take care of your heater/boiler. Some of the most visible issues that heaters cause are:
• There is no hot water. The most apparent reason for this could be the tripping of the circuit breaker.
• There is water leaking from either the top or bottom of the heater. Check the overflow pipe or the inlet/outlet pipes.