An In-depth Look At Boilers And Steamers

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April 15, 2017
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An In-depth Look At Boilers And Steamers

Boilers and steamers are used in various sectors, and the type used will vary according to the scale and scope of the activities that are being undertaken. It is crucial to study the type and scale of a client’s business activities, before proceeding to suggest and install the boilers and steamers. Thus, boilers, heaters and steamers have to be installed based on the requirement of the clients. They are classified based on the function, technology and heat source.

Today, you can find such devices installed in workplaces, hospitals, and industries. Even salons and spas require heaters, and you can find some of the latest models at spas like Riverday Spa, Champneys City Spa, The Cove, etc. Heaters, according to, are crucial while performing life-saving surgeries, and thus must be installed correctly.

Here, we discuss the various types of boilers and steamers available in the market which is used for a particular purpose.

We install different types of boilers based on the requirement of the client. The two primary type of boilers classified based on the functionalities. They are:

Hot water Boilers: These boilers are used to satisfy the domestic and commercial needs of an individual. They are used in comfort heating, commercial dishwashers, radiant floor heating and other applications.
Steam Boilers: This boiler is heated along with water which emits steam which can be used for different applications.

The design can also classify boilers. They are:
Fire tube boilers- The water gets heated from the hot gas source passed inside the tubes. These tubes are kept inside the water-filled drum. This type of boiler are more fuel efficient and cost less
water tube boilerWater Tube Boilers: Water run through the tubes of these boilers and they are heated up to the boiling point. They are more thermally efficient.

Key Specifications
There are certain specification you need to consider before installing a boiler and steaming unit. They are
The amount of heat the boiler outputs over time
The maximum operating temperature of the boiler
The Maximum operating pressure of the boiler
The percentage of heat generated that is useful

Features And Accessories
The following accessories and features are to be considered when installing boilers.
Deaerators are vessels where the water is heated under less pressure to remove dissolved water.
Check if the packaged boilers are delivered as a complete package required for the installation
Check for the proper functioning of the safety valves which helps to maintain the pressure inside a boiler unit.
Superheaters are auxiliary equipment which is required for heating above saturation temperature.
Use a proper conditioner which is essential to remove the minerals from the boiled water. Minerals can cause scaling in the tube or casing walls.

Use Of Steamers
Steamers are used to provide an indirect heating source to various applications. Steamers are used to cook food, for facial treatments, as shower units and other applications. We install various steam shower units for various spas and salons. We also specialise in installing quality steamers in steam cabins.

When planning to get a heater or boiler for your business, make it a point to do sufficient amount of research, as this will help in identifying the correct type of equipment.

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