How To Select The Size Of The Boiler?

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July 15, 2019
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How To Select The Size Of The Boiler?

Different Types of Boilers displaying in a digital form.

Different Types of Boilers displaying in a digital form.

The technology of Boiler has developed in recent years. Today, modern boilers are more structured when compared to earlier systems. They are more silent and also can be used for domestic hot water and can work without the hot water tank.

Tips to select the boiler

The boiler size must be carefully calculated depending on many parameters and factors. That would include the property layout, number of bedrooms, rooms, and bathrooms. The following are a few points that need to be considered when selecting the right boiler.

Points to consider when choosing the boiler size

  • The first thing to consider before choosing the right boiler is to calculate your house size and the number of radiators present in your house. The average size of the boilers is available in four sizes and they are 40kw, 33-35kw, 28-30kw and 24-25kw. If your property demands high usage of hot water, then you will need a higher kilowatt boiler.
  • If you are planning to upgrade your boiler, make sure you are well prepared for it. The time taken to change the boiler would be around six to ten hours a day or it could extend more.
  • Though the boiler size and the timescale are very important in choosing the right boiler, one cannot avoid the cost too. If you are just replacing the boiler parts, it may not cost you much, but if you are planning to upgrade, be prepared to spend a good amount. A good boiler is worth every penny.
  • The reason for upgrading your boiler system is to economize in the long run. The finest and the smartest way to make full use of your new boiler is to make sure you upgrade and update your house’s other heating systems as well.


There are many types of radiators available in the market and can accommodate different sizes and shapes of the home. So make sure you buy the best one that suits your house.

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