Boiler Installation Tips You Should Know

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December 17, 2017
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June 7, 2018

Boiler Installation Tips You Should Know

When it is time to install a boiler, many questions arise in the minds of homeowners. The most common queries is cost of the installation and where to find the best installer. These questions are unravelled for you in the article.

Boiler installation
In most cases the boiler supplier or manufacturer would provide installation assistance. In case they do not provide any assistance, here is some help. A new installation means more work in the sense you have to ramp up for the installation and at the same time cover actual installation. The first step starts from finding an engineer. Shortlist atleats three companies through referrals and ask for quotation. This will give you the average cost incurred for installing the boiler. If you haven’t bought the boiler ask them which is best suited for your home.

Finding the right boiler model
The best boiler model is determined after examining your home. Some of the factors to keep in mind while making a choice include boiler capacity and fuel type. Once the model is selected, it is installation time. The boiler is fitted in an ideal location with connectivity to pipes, pumps, water outlets and main supply. The installation time and work depends on the choice of the boiler.

If you are moving from a conventional boiler to a combi type then the engineer will remove the water tank to get some extra space. For a higher capacity boiler you will need more radiators.

The most important factor to consider while installing a boiler to prevent leakage and this can be done using sealants. It helps the boiler to run seamlessly and keeps your home safe. There are indoor and outdoor models available. In most cases boilers are placed indoors but in certain cases the boilers are placed outdoors like the oil fired boilers due to its large size and easy access to the oil tank. There are boilers suitable for the kitchen like the combi boilers since they are compact.

In some cases the installation involves moving your boiler close to the electrical heating system. It helps to adjust the heat from a centralized location, instead of moving to the boiler or the utility room.

Installation cost
Another challenge faced by homeowners while installation a boiler is related the cost involved. Some of the factors involved in determining the cost include, installation work, components, labour cost and the installation company. The cost of installation varies depending on the replacing conventional boiler at the same location, moving to a new location, replacing conventional to combi boiler, moving combi boiler to a new location and installing a combi boiler for the first time. The installation cost varies from company to company depending on the services offered and the complications involved in the installation. Get prior quotes to know how much you would be spending on installation. Among the few quotations choose the price that fits your budget. Do some research before you locate the right service provider. Find an installation company who will listen to your needs carefully and provide a viable solution.

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