Different Ways To Control Heaters

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March 11, 2018
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July 2, 2019

Different Ways To Control Heaters

Reasons To Invest in Quality Heating Systems

With the recent drastic changes in the climate, it has become imperative to have hot water fan heaters or warm air space heaters in place. Many countries in the northern hemisphere have been at the receiving end of old blasts that come unexpectedly. This has led different establishments like warehouses, garages, competitive exams coaching classes, major retail outlets, zoos, public halls gymnasiums to invest in high quality heating equipment. According to the experts at https://www.statista.com/statistics/289137/central-heating-in-households-in-the-uk/, central heating has become unavoidable with the drastic changes in the environment as a result of climate change.

Methods Available for a More Intelligent Heating Control System

Gas Space Heaters - Warm Up with the HeatersLet’s take a look at some of the popular ones:

  • No Controls
    In a heating equipment or system with no controls, the heater is connected directly to a power supply and a heating source. As the het is pumped, the coil heats up and radiates heat. As the power is turned on, the fan will distribute the radiated heat and warm up the room in the process. The fan generally runs at the same speed and cannot be changed beyond the 3 default settings, namely, low, medium and high. You will also come across single setting fans in the market that comes with a single default setting. As long as the power is switched on and the unit is still receiving heat, the fan is able to blow warm air throughout the room.
  • Two-Port Zone Valve Only
    Some heating circuits heat other devices other than the hot water fan heater. In such cases, a 2 port zone valve would be useful. It is fixed on the pipe that feeds the heat into the fan coil heater. This type of control allows you to operate the heating system to operate without heat and allowing uncooled air to be blown into the space as well.
  • Stage Speed Controllers with Thermostat
    This type of control works well with 3 stage fans. It can be used for heating or cooling purpose and is often operated via a switch. It is also fitted with a 2 port valve to enable the heat to be fed into the coil as and when required. If the cooling option is selected, it deactivates the thermostats, thereby allowing the fan to operate and cool down the air considerably.
  • Fan Speed Controller
    The fan speed controller usually comes with 5 different levels, enabling the user to control eh temperature up to five different stages. It comes with a 2 port valve which ensures that the heating circuit is shut when the fan is switched off. This way, the fan can be used even when the heating is not on, thereby cooling down the air as and when required. A manual thermostat can also be used to shut down the fan as soon as pre-set temperature is attained. This makes it easier to control the temperature setting in a closed environment like offices, warehouses, gyms, auditoriums and so on.

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