Safety Tips for Water Heater

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August 1, 2019
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August 5, 2019

Safety Tips for Water Heater

Technician Repairs a water heater with wrench and spanner.

Technician Repairs a water heater with wrench and spanner.

How do you feel when you enjoy the hot shower and let loose your stress only to be stopped by the sudden cold water rushing down your body? It’s terrible and no words can describe the agony. This is where you truly understand your water heater’s worth.

Tank water heaters are commercial or residential devices that are made up of cylindrical container that is used to keep the water hot. They are mostly found in garages or storage closets in the home and works with the help of energy sources like gas or electricity. Water heaters are not dangerous but if left unattended or not cared properly, it seriously can threat a danger to you and your home.

To avoid dangers, make sure you follow some of the basic precautions.

Water Heater should be ventilated

Improper placement of vents, draft vents or vents with defunct may cause the fumes to get entry inside the house instead of outside. Ensure that it has proper ventilation and is free of dips. In places that are labeled as the earthquake zone, the vents should be tightly screwed to avoid damage or fall.

Check the Pressure or Temperature Relief Valve

The pressure or the temperature relief valve is fashioned to keep your water heater safe and to avoid an explosion. It should be checked at least once a year.

Water Heater must Not be Placed near any Fire Hazards

If you Water Heater works on gas make sure you remove everything that may cause an explosion or is combustible. Storing flammable materials or liquids is like to welcome to a disaster. Also do not store jump ropes, coats, gas canisters, garbage, etc. near your water heater. Just a crack or leak from the heater and you may face some big danger.

Check the Temperature Settings
The design of the water heater is fashioned to suit according to the shape and size of the house. Improper size tanks may result in danger because there are chances of pressure levels going above the designed level.

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